Hinz S, Bensel T, Bömicke W, Boeckler A F. In Vitro Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Hypoallergenic Denture Base Resins. Materials (Basel) 2022; 15: 3611.

Some hypoallergenic materials are satisfactory.

Polymethylmethacrylate resin (PMMA) is commonly used as a base for denture construction, because of its ease of use, low cost and repairability. However, PMMA has been known to produce allergic reactions in patients. Hardened PMMA contains traces of unpolymerised MMA and the initiator dibenzoyl peroxide which can cause Type 4 allergic reactions. To make prosthodontic treatment safer for patients, commercially viable hypoallergenic denture base resins have been developed.

In this study, the flexural strength, elastic modulus, compressive strength, macro- and micro-hardness, surface roughness, water absorption and water solubility of four hypoallergenic denture base resins were compared.

None of the test materials matched the properties of PMMA in all aspects, but two materials (one based on polyoxymethylene [TMS Acetal Dental] and one on a modified methyl methacrylate [Polyan Plus]) showed acceptable flexural strength, elastic modulus and compressive strength, and can be recommended for clinical use as denture base materials.