The British Fluoridation Society (BFS) in partnership with the Borrow Foundation has launched a new career development fellowship designed to attract new academic expertise to the field of water fluoridation and its role in public health.

Overall, £30,000 has been allocated to create two fellowships which will be delivered within the next three years.

The programme is called The British Fluoridation Society Career Development Fellowship.

Barry Cockcroft, BFS chair and former chief dental officer, said: 'The British Fluoridation Society Career Development Fellowship will strengthen the UK academic knowledge base for water fluoridation by encouraging future leaders in their field to take an active interest in fluoridation as a safe and effective intervention.

'I'd like to thank the Borrow Foundation for its support in helping us to take good oral health forward.'

Today, over 400 million people benefit from fluoridated water worldwide.

The BFS has been working to improve dental health in England through the introduction of new community water fluoridation schemes since 1969. The Borrow Foundation is a UK charity seeking to improve oral health, particularly for children.

Dr Ray Lowry, BFS secretary, said: 'Our new career fellowships are designed to provide a greater academic underpinning for fluoridation as an effective and safe dental health intervention.

'Recently, we have seen an increase in political enthusiasm for water fluoridation and as a Society, we have identified a need to strengthen the academic foundation for fluoridation, to keep research relevant and encourage young academics to pursue the issue as a viable career interest.

'The fellowships will help us to build a modern UK database of evidence and to engage with younger academics on this career-enhancing subject. The BFS is the obvious organisation to initiate this activity as part of its role to support the academic knowledge base for fluoridation.'

The BFS is now seeking applications from candidates. The closing date for the first fellowship is Wednesday 31 August 2022. Applications are invited and the process can be accessed via The British Fluoridation Society website at:

The Society anticipates successful fellowship candidates will be second-year academics on a recognised training pathway in the UK. The fellowship could potentially fund an attachment within an academic department (dental public health or the equivalent) in the USA, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore.

For more information, contact Sharon Walker at the BFS. Tel: 07498982937 or email: