Individuals and organisations are being encouraged to contribute to the Department of Health's consultation framework for community water fluoridation (CWF).1

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The Health and Care Bill, currently going through parliament, sets out some changes to the water fluoridation legislation in England. If it becomes law, the Bill will allow the Secretary of State - instead of local authorities - to establish new water fluoridation schemes or to vary or terminate existing water fluoridation schemes in England.

In the event that the Bill is passed, there will be a legal duty on the Secretary of State to undertake a formal public consultation before introducing any new water fluoridation schemes or before varying or terminating an existing scheme. Secondary legislation will need to set out the process for consulting and the results from this consultation will inform that secondary legislation.

In the previous issue of the BDJ we reported that LDN Chairs support extended fluoridation schemes.2

Consultations are key to the future implementation of water fluoridation schemes. Organisations and individuals are invited to provide evidence-based opinions on the consultation by 11.45 am on 3 June 2022: