On 29 October 2021, a group of key opinion leaders (KOLs) gathered on the Southbank in London with Johnson & Johnson Ltd. for their 2021 National Advisory Panel event.

figure 1

These events and the relationships with the KOLs provide insight into how Johnson & Johnson Ltd. can best support primary care dental professionals in maintaining and improving the oral health of their patients, as well as building on the company's continuing supportive partnership.

The overarching aim of the event was to seek the KOLs' views in relation to supporting and maintaining oral health in patients between appointments, specifically looking at mechanical cleaning, any limitations, and possible adjunctive support in the form of a chemotherapeutic mouthwash.

They agreed on the following evidence-based consensus on mouthwash use:

'Healthy gums don't bleed. Effective toothbrushing and interdental cleaning is essential for keeping gums healthy. Mouthwashes containing fluoride (>100 ppm F) that are clinically proven to reduce plaque offer additional benefit.'

Children over the age of seven and adults: 'After brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, spit don't rinse with water and if gingival bleeding is present, use a daily fluoride-containing mouthwash that is clinically proven to reduce plaque'.

The key opinion leaders taking part were: Dr Nigel Carter, Oral Health Foundation; Professor Iain Chapple, University of Birmingham; Professor Chris Deery, University of Sheffield; Professor Mike Milward, University of Birmingham; Professor Anthony Roberts, Cork University Dental School and Hospital; Miranda Steeples, British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy; Professor Nicola West, Bristol Dental School; and Professor Helen Whelton, University College Cork.

Presentations were made by Iain Chapple, who looked at the global economic impact of periodontal disease; Anthony Roberts, who offered a fresh perspective on periodontal health and disease; and Chris Deery, who spoke on the current situation in relation to caries.

Following each presentation, there was a group discussion and a review of the evidence. Ultimately, the KOLs concluded there was a perceived need for simple recommendations to help dental professionals support their patients' plaque management efforts to best effect and therefore created the above consensus statement.

Johnson & Johnson Ltd. looks forward to continuing to work in partnership with dental professionals following the insights gained from this National Advisory Panel.