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A problem shared

Sir, thankfully our mental health and wellbeing has been recognised as equally important as our physical health and we are all encouraged to talk more. Do we need to talk to someone about how we are feeling, about our concerns and worries? Would it help to talk to another dentist or DCP? In matters of faith and work, would it help to talk to a Christian dental colleague?

There are many good listening and counselling services out there specifically for dentists and the dental profession to be recommended. In addition, the Christian Dental Fellowship (CDF) ( has a pastoral care scheme, provided by dentists and DCPs, and whilst we are not a professional counselling and listening service, we are happy to listen to and talk with any member of the dental profession about any matter, and signpost where appropriate to other services. Prayer is optional but we believe a problem or situation shared and prayed for is a powerful thing. Enquirers don't need to be a member to access the scheme and all enquiries are welcomed, dealt with in confidence and it is free to all.

The CDF is recognised as a faith group in the recently published Wellbeing Support for the Dental Team document.1


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    Support for dental teams. Wellbeing support for the dental team. January 2021. Available at (accessed March 2021).

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