Sir, there is not enough representation of people of colour in clinical imagery in medical and dental teaching. As a student, I remember the dental literature only showcasing images of conditions mostly of white patients. As we know, conditions will appear differently on people depending on their ethnic background and it would be a disservice to patients if our own knowledge of medical conditions was limited to people of a certain ethnic background.

A new clinical handbook called Mind the Gap has been read over 100,000 times and is currently being used by the London and North East Ambulance Service in clinical practice.1 The aim is to demonstrate clinical signs of medical conditions in black and brown skin with the intention to better diagnose, increase patient satisfaction and improve confidence amongst healthcare professionals when treating people of colour. It is our aim to see the dental profession follow suit.

The authors encourage clinicians to submit their own clinical photography of head and neck and intra-oral conditions of patients with black and brown skin.

Submission information and consent forms can be found on