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The next generation electric toothbrush

Y-Brush has been billed as the 'next generation electric toothbrush' that is able to brush all surfaces of the teeth efficiently in only ten seconds.

The Y-Brush was developed in France in close collaboration with dentists, and required almost four years of research and development.


Y-Brush is the only product on the market to use nylon bristles rather than silicone strips. A handle conveys vibrations to a nylon bristle brush which in turn moves in such a way to efficiently clean the teeth, gums and gum line. The vibrations provided by the device are based on specific sonic frequencies. Unlike silicone strips and other materials, nylon bristles are fine enough to reach in between the teeth, producing a deep clean and careful elimination of dental plaque.

As dentists are well aware, many patients find teeth brushing to be a strenuous and tedious chore, and numerous case studies show that brushing of the teeth is often done incorrectly.

As teeth should be brushed for two to three minutes, twice a day, this corresponds to a minimum of four seconds spent on one tooth.

The Y-Brush device brushes all of the top teeth simultaneously for five seconds, and then the bottom teeth for five seconds. The brush is in the shape of a 'Y' allowing for complete coverage of all of the teeth.

The device was developed in such a way as to not be too bulky in the mouth, to not cause gag reflexes or tongue restriction during use. Different versions are available for children, teenagers and adults. It is also possible to use the device hands-free, simplifying the task for children and the elderly.

Y-Brush simplifies teeth brushing for everyone, including the young, elderly and individuals with reduced autonomy.

For more information about the Y-Brush, visit, where the device is also exclusively available.

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