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Peri-implant complications: a clinical guide to diagnosis and treatment

Anastasia Kelekis-Cholakis, Reem Atout, Nader Hamdan, Ioannis Tsourounakis

2018; Springer; price £96.50; pp. 117 ISBN: 9783319637174


As the popularity and range of application of dental implants continues to increase, dental clinicians can naturally expect to see a corresponding rise in the number of associated complications in the hard and soft tissues which support them. This book aims to elucidate the peri-implant complications that may occur, and describe their respective aetiologies, diagnoses and treatment options.

Written by a group of distinguished academics and specialists from Canada, this book blends the features of an academic textbook and a narrative review, which is logically laid out and effortless to read. The content of each section is evidence-based, with the relevant citations available at the end of each chapter. Critical appraisal of the relevant literature is provided, and where findings from the literature are equivocal, the authors weigh up the evidence rationally from both sides. The main ideas of each section are summarised in helpfully highlighted boxes at the end of the section, with a concise overall summary to conclude each chapter. The text is well-supported by high-quality images and radiographs showcasing relevant conditions and the steps involved in their diagnosis and treatment.

Despite the book's small size, the authors cover the topic of peri-implant complications in sufficient detail to satisfy the needs of dental practitioners with a wide range of implant experience. For undergraduate students, it would provide a useful entry point for gaining an understanding of the differences between natural teeth and implants, as well as being the 'go-to' source for any queries regarding the tissues that support implants. Equally among general dental practitioners, who may find themselves responsible for the maintenance of more implants than their undergraduate training has prepared them for, this book provides an accessible and usable guide to the diagnosis of peri-implant conditions and treatment options. For the aspiring specialist in periodontology, it will undoubtedly be useful for revising the fundamentals and, above all, is an excellent condensed summary of the available literature in the topic area, with reference material for further reading.

This book can be commended for providing a comprehensive, yet simple, guidance to the oral healthcare team in the long-term monitoring and maintenance of dental implants.

Joey Donovan

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