Sir, I enjoyed reading the recent letter1 to the editor by Y. Y. Takefuji, Fujisawa, Japan, about amalgam restoration.

I have been involved in restoring teeth by amalgam restorations for about 60 years. I have done thousands of amalgam restorations. I am still restoring teeth with amalgam restorations.

Amalgam restorations last a long time if properly done. I have radiographs of two premolars with amalgam restorations, the restorations are more than 46 years old. I have seen another patient who has nine restorations done over 39 years and none of these restorations have been repeated.

My experience over the years is that amalgam is the cheapest and best filling material. Amalgam restorations are supported by sound tooth while composite restorations are supported by demineralised tooth structure.

I have never come across a dentist who has suffered from mercury poisoning.