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Restoring the unrestorable! Developing coronal tooth tissue with a minimally invasive surgical extrusion technique

A Correction to this article was published on 25 October 2019


Surgical extrusion is a recognised treatment option for teeth that have insufficient coronal tooth structure remaining due to deep caries, resorption or traumatic injury. However, the technique has not been widely adopted, arguably because extraction of a severely compromised tooth may be difficult to achieve in a gentle and predictable way. In this paper, we present our novel approach to surgical extrusion and subsequent management of teeth using a vertical extraction system (Benex), which has become the method of choice in the authors' practice for many teeth that would otherwise be deemed unrestorable. We describe the clinical procedure in detail and discuss the advantages and disadvantages compared to alternative approaches, including surgical crown lengthening and orthodontic extrusion.

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