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Patient-generated strategies for strengthening adherence to multiple medication regimens after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a qualitative study

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Data availability

The Supplementary Materials contain detailed information related to the data supporting the findings of the study and the raw data supporting the findings of the study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.


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We would like to thank Luis Isola, Shakira Riley, Rita Jakubowski, William Redd, and all the staff members of the Bone Marrow Transplant service at the Mount Sinai Hospital for their generous support of this study. We would also like to thank the research team at Columbia University, including Laura Guttentag, Marie Chesaniuk, and Alexandra Yogman, for their support. Finally, we also thank Louise Locock at University of Aberdeen for her invaluable advice on qualitative research.

Author information

Authors and Affiliations



GS designed the research project. ES and JA advised with designing the study and ES also helped conduct the study. YS and GS developed the research questions. YS, SC, and GS collected and analyzed data. YS wrote the initial draft of manuscript. YS, SC, JR, JA and GS contributed to writing and revising the manuscript. YS, JA, and GS revised the manuscript for the final submission. All authors have contributed, reviewed and approved the final version of the manuscript.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Yaena Song.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Song, Y., Chen, S., Roseman, J. et al. Patient-generated strategies for strengthening adherence to multiple medication regimens after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a qualitative study. Bone Marrow Transplant (2022).

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