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Venetoclax does not impair activated T-cell proliferation

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Fig. 1: Effect of venetoclax on T cells and B cells.


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The authors acknowledge the clinical teams who provided care for the study patients, and the Tumorotheque of Saint-Antoine Hospital.

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Authors and Affiliations



All authors listed on the manuscript have contributed substantially to this work. LS, BG, MM, and FM designed the study, LS, BG, LR, NS and YY contributed the flow cytometry data, and LS and FM performed the statistical analysis. LS, BG, and FM prepared the manuscript and figures for publication.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Florent Malard.

Ethics declarations

Conflict of interest

MM reports grants and/or lecture honoraria from Janssen, Sanofi, MaaT Pharma, JAZZ Pharmaceuticals, Celgene, Amgen, BMS, Takeda, Pfizer, and Roche. FM reports lecture honoraria from Therakos/Mallinckrodt, Biocodex, Janssen, Keocyt, Sanofi, JAZZ Pharmaceuticals, and Astellas, all outside the submitted work. The other authors did not disclose any relevant conflict of interest in relation to this work.

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Siblany, L., Gaugler, B., Stocker, N. et al. Venetoclax does not impair activated T-cell proliferation. Bone Marrow Transplant 56, 1740–1742 (2021).

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