The rise in mental health awareness is well reported within the dental profession. Despite this, little action is taken to help prepare dental students for such a high-pressure job and many report a lack of support whilst working in the dental practice.

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Real Good Dental, however, is looking to support its workforce and recently hosted an event for its employees called Mental Health within Dentistry with Dr Mahrukh Khwaja, founder of Mind Ninja.

Lizzy Holden, social media manager at Real Good Dental, said: 'We've had a few conversations with dentists and dental nurses previously and they've said they have struggled with their mental health. Many dentists suffer from burnout; it's a risk much higher than any other profession. It's a statistic we want to tackle.

'Now we're offering Real Good Dental team members gym memberships, access to mental wellbeing apps, discounts for various wellbeing support. So, we're trying to tackle it in a few different ways.'

The day gave attendees tools to better understand their mental health and recognise when to rest and focus on themselves, as well as giving them the tools to be more resilient to external forces.

With breakout sessions throughout the day, it gave delegates the opportunity to network, discuss their own experiences and help support each other.

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