Dr Junaid Malik will be among the highly-anticipated speakers presenting at the Oral Health Conference (OHC) on 25-26 November. Junaid graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013 and has since completed the membership diploma for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and an MSc in Conservative Dentistry from Eastman Dental Institute. He is currently a visiting lecturer and an academic clinical fellow at the Eastman Dental Institute, as well as a well-respected clinician offering complex crown and bridge procedures, full mouth reconstructions and smile makeovers with veneers and implant prosthodontics.

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Junaid's session will be sponsored by J&S Davis and will cover the art and science of posterior composite restorations.

He says: 'I will be discussing various topics that I believe will help dental hygienists and therapists when managing restorative patients. These will include different adhesive protocols using biomimetic restorative principles, isolation techniques, material and instrument selection and cavity preparation designs. We will also explore the use of different matrix systems, layering techniques for long-lasting, aesthetic posterior composite restorations and we will be reviewing a range of direct restorative materials that are currently available on the market.'

Several products from J&S Davis will be highlighted. Commenting on those he personally uses most, he says: 'I like several composites available through J&S Davis, including the Clearfil Majesty ES Flowable range and Clearfil AP-X, as well as the Clearfil SE Bond adhesive system. I have worked with J&S Davis and used these solutions for many years because they are supported by a large body of literature evidencing their efficacy. The AP-X also demonstrates favourable biomechanical properties for use in the tooth, which further supports the high standards of dentistry I strive for every day. I will also share my posterior experience with the Polydentia range of matrices in various restorative indications. In addition, I would recommend J&S Davis as a supplier - I have collaborated with the team for some time and they have always been helpful, even facilitating and sponsoring several of my speaking engagements.

'Aside from discussing some of these products and others during my session, I will also share an array of my own case studies in order to demonstrate their use and maintenance. This will also give delegates some practical guidance and tips on how to help their patient maintain their posterior composites.'

For any dental professionals attending the OHC with an interest in improving their restorative capabilities, this is one session not to miss. Among the takeaways of the lecture, Junaid is keen to emphasise the accessibility of biomimetic restorative principles for all.

He adds: 'I hope delegates are able to better appreciate the benefits of taking a biomimetic approach to dealing with posterior restorations. I hope to give them the knowledge and confidence they need to adjust their workflows and achieve their treatment goals.

'Biomimetic dentistry is validated by extensive scientific literature, but I aim to simplify the protocols to make them more accessible to more clinicians. I will be packing a lot of information into this session so it will be a great opportunity for dental hygienists and therapists to get everything they need to take a more biomimetic approach on Monday morning when they return to practice.'

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