Professional whitening has never been so popular. The recent pandemic changed ways of meeting and communicating, and we now look at ourselves on screen, multiple times a day meaning 69% of UK consumers now want to look good and attractive. Professional whitening is also one of the most popular cosmetic treatments to improve a smile given that it's non-invasive, quick, and affordable. Whitening as a treatment is also unique as it may attract non-dental attenders to the practice who would not routinely visit the dentist, introducing an additional opportunity for oral health screening and disease prevention.

Colgate understands that current professional whitening systems can be challenging for patients with a recent survey showing:

  • 72% would prefer treatment that DOESN'T involve impression taking

  • 96% would prefer a treatment that DOESN'T involve wearing a tray

  • 71% would prefer a treatment that DOESN'T involve the use of gel.

Other challenges to current professional whitening systems include tooth sensitivity, gum irritation and multiple visits to the practice. Colgate saw the opportunity to simplify the professional take-home whitening experience by introducing Colgate Luminous.

figure 1

Colgate Luminous is a convenient take-home whitening system which does not require the patient to have impressions, custom made trays or a gel. This also means treatment can be started straight away as part of a current appointment already underway. This makes it an ideal option for both busy patients and practices.

Colgate Luminous is a unique at-home whitening system combining 6% hydrogen peroxide with LED technology. The quick drying whitening serum is applied using a precise applicator pen to form a durable layer. The LED device is then worn, accelerating the whitening process, for ten minutes. The whitening layer remains on the teeth and continues to whiten teeth overnight. This whitening layer is then simply brushed off in the morning.

Colgate is the brand your patients know and trust. To leverage this unique opportunity Colgate have developed a range of in-practice resources available to help start a conversation with patients looking for a whiter smile from a professional whitening system made simple.

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