Dentist creates game so that children can 'fight decay'

    A new dental game for children to create awareness about dental decay and ways to prevent it was launched earlier this month.

    Dentist Dr Buds has developed the game with a specialist team of game developers so that children can learn and play in a safe and fun way.

    The 'Rate of Decay' game has a knowledge board to learn about tooth decay, and multiple choice questions which can be answered independently or as part of the game.

    The game is simple to play for young children, and parents, carers and teachers will be able to learn as well, by helping younger children with information and multiple choice questions.

    The player of the game has to answer oral health related questions. If sufficient questions are answered correctly the player is given an option to choose a weapon to kill the bacteria as they make their way to destroy a set of teeth.

    The gameboards change and become more interesting as the player moves to higher levels. The first three levels and all the oral health information is available free of charge to players.


    There are also character stickers and posters to accompany the launch of the game. The game will be available as a downloadable App from Apple and Google stores.

    There will be a small fee for higher levels of the game but any profit generated will be used to promote greater awareness of the 'Rate of Decay', and the importance of oral health generally in schools and online.

    UK-based Dr Buds, who has practised as a dentist in a few countries both in and out of the UK, said: 'Inspired by my own experience of treating patients, this self-funded venture was initiated to raise awareness and improve the dental health of children globally. I've tapped into numerous sources of oral health information to form the central educational part of this game, but any feedback is most welcome. Indeed, any member of the dental community who would like to assist with promoting this exciting new game which has a genuine social purpose at its heart, is encouraged to contact me - I would love to hear from you. I have exciting plans for the future, which include a Rate of Decay card and board game, if this initial venture proves a success'.

    Dentists, educationalists and other interested collaborators can contact Dr Buds through the game's new website Any donations received will be used to print stickers and posters, which will be distributed free to the dental community and schools. Practices that would like to have bespoke stickers and posters printed should also contact Dr Buds for more information.

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