The BDJ Team Top 10 articles 2019

    A countdown from 10 to 1 of the most popular articles accessed in BDJ Team in 2019 [number 1 had the most views in 2019].


    Disposing of dental and clinical waste

    A CPD article written by Rebecca Allen of Initial Medical published in 2014, outlining categories of waste collected in the dental practice; healthcare waste legislation; paperwork; waste streams and colour coding.


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    Managing patients with rheumatoid arthritis

    A 2017 article, originally published in the BDJ in 2016, looking at the common chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder rheumatoid arthritis (RA), how it affects patients' lives and orofacial conditions associated with RA that dental professionals need to be aware of.


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    Updated posters to help manage medical emergencies in the dental practice: Figure 1

    This popular page of the BDJ Team website actually depicts a single figure, a poster entitled 'Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice', within the article Updated posters to help manage medical emergencies in the dental practice (see number 2 in this list).

    Do you have a copy of this poster on your practice wall?



    Saliva: A review of its role in maintaining oral health and preventing dental disease

    Explains the composition and production of saliva, its key functions, and describes its role in maintaining oral health, helping to build and maintain the health of soft and hard tissues. Published in BDJ Team in 2015.


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    Oral manifestations of systemic disease

    A succinct review of oral mucosal and salivary gland disorders that may arise as a consequence of systemic disease, published in BDJ Team in 2018. The authors look at oral ulceration, white patches, gland swelling and oral dryness.


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    Why are dental nurse salaries so low?

    Collates views on this perpetually hot topic and looks at the BADN salary survey and the BDA's DCP Pay Survey 2013, followed by discussion and comments from various societies and figures in the industry. Published in October 2016.


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    Tooth whitening versus stain removal

    In 2017 dental hygienist Anna Middleton looked at the options for 'lightening' the teeth, the regulations around treatment, and explained how dental care professionals (DCPs) could manage patient expectations.




    The three types of employment status

    Dental specialist employment solicitor Sarah Buxton (pictured) tells BDJ Team readers everything they need to know about employment status, whether they are an employee, a worker or self-employed. Sarah also explains the significance of the distinction between these statuses.



    Updated posters to help manage medical emergencies in the dental practice

    An article from 2016 sharing two posters designed to help dental professionals to respond effectively and safely to a medical emergency: 'Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice' and 'Emergency Drugs in the Dental Practice'. Figure 1 from this article appears at number 8 in this list of popular articles!



    Dental care of cancer patients before, during and after treatment

    At the top of the list, with over 19,300 page views in 2019, is Jocelyn Harding's article on dental care of cancer patients, published in BDJ Team in 2017. Jocelyn addressed how dental professionals can best look after and advise cancer patients and emphasised the importance of treating the body holistically. The article also looked at preparing patients before cancer treatment starts, the oral side effects that may occur in patients undergoing treatment, and gave examples of beneficial dental hygiene products.


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