High quality Galaxie Cassettes simplify the cleaning, sterilisation and classification of hand instruments. A stable case made of electropolished stainless steel protects the equipment, the unique design reduces the contact points. A laser-cut pattern maximises water through flow and increases efficiency in the RDG/thermal disinfector. Smooth rounded corners and slotted edges enhance drainage and shorten drying time. The ergonomic locking system can be operated with just one hand. The food-safe, colour-coded silicone rails can be assembled in any position and are compatible with all handle diameters. Available are DIN cassettes for 20 instruments, 1/2 DIN cassettes for ten instruments and 1/4 DIN cassettes for five instruments. More information at www.am-eagle.de/en/galaxie-cassettes.

With the new Microbrush MB applicators dental fluids are dispensed precisely and economically. The flexible handles remain in the desired position without spring-back, the ultrafine 0.5 mm tip is ideally suited for pinpoint placement of substances. Non-absorbent fibres support the easy uptake and delivery of material. The useful tools are available in the colours orange and petrol, which enables the clear classification in multi-stage procedures. Samples can be requested at samples@microbrush.eu.

figure 1