Dental treatment systems offer ideal conditions under which biofilm can form and micro-organisms such as pseudomonas, legionella and cryptosporidium can flourish. These micro-organisms can be exposed to the patient via the cooling water, mouth rinsing water and aerosol exposure. Hygowater from Dürr Dental ensures the service water in your practice always meets the same stringent requirements as drinking water. This standard is consistent with the advice given by the Robert Koch Institute.

Water-carrying systems in treatment units can still, however, harbour various micro-organisms, which can colonise and form a biofilm which adheres to the inner walls of the unit. To ensure optimum safety micro-organisms must be reduced to a minimum and biofilm permanently removed from hoses and pipes.

Hygowater is a system that promises safe and reliable service water processing. It fulfils all the legal requirements for water hygiene as well as satisfying the meticulous standards demanded by the German Drinking Water Ordinance as well as meeting the requirements for a Class I medical device.

The compact unit is extremely easy to operate. The unique combination of filtration and electrolysis prevent biofilm formation and thus minimises infection risks to both patients and practitioners. As well as being good for the safety of the practice, it's also great for the environment, as long-term drinking water quality is ensured without the use of any chemical additives.

figure 1