David Westgarth, Editor, BDJ Student

Hello, and welcome to the April edition of BDJ Student.

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It's such a cliché, but where does the time really go? Last time I checked it was winter, and in the blink of an eye we're a third of the way through the year with the promise of longer, warmer days imminently. On the day of writing this editorial I have to say, it doesn't feel like it - another storm is on its way!

This point of the year is one I've previously dubbed ‘conference season'. With BDIA Dental Showcase in the rear-view mirror, it's almost time for May's British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show at Birmingham's NEC. I do hope to see some of you there across Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May. If a visit to see the BDJ portfolio team isn't enough of a draw, then perhaps renowned entrepreneur and ‘dragon' Steven Bartlett may be! You can find out more about his session in this issue's news.

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It's an example of the beauty which lies within dentistry. He's obviously not a dentist, but his messages, takeaways and advice will likely prove to be invaluable to those in attendance. In this issue's cover feature, we explore that extension of dentistry in more detail, with four dental professionals talking in depth about their chosen career pathways outside of dentistry - it's well worth a read.

A reminder to all student members, dental societies and keen writers - get in touch! We're always delighted to hear from you and the enthusiasm you bring (not to mention the quality of your ideas, too!) You can reach me on david.westgarth@bda.org, or through Instagram @portfoliobdj.

Enjoy the issue, the lighter evenings and hopefully the warmer weather! On behalf of the entire BDJ portfolio editorial team, we wish you the best of luck as the academic year draws to a close and exams start.

David Westgarth