Gold for Kids, a charity which helps transform the lives of children living in poverty by collecting and recycling unwanted crowns and bridges from dental practices, has appointed a new Chairman to its board.

Mark Topley, founder of the coaching and consultancy firm Purpose Driven Business, has over 25 years experience in the charity sector, 20 of them in dentistry.

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Mark Topley

A leading authority on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Mark said he was really pleased and honoured to have been chosen as Chairman, commenting: ‘This charity is a brilliant concept, developed by its founders, dentists David Holmes and Leticia Casanova, who have impressively led it to where it is today.

‘Gold for Kids stands out due to its unique and effective approach. It partners with dental practices across the UK, collecting gold and precious metals from dental work and donating them to help children's charities. This not only supports sustainability but also turns everyday dental procedures into a chance to make a big difference in children's lives.

‘I'm looking forward to working with our amazing team, our committed supporters and the dental community to grow our influence and help. By working together, we can turn simple donations into a strong force for good, improving the lives of children all over the UK.'

For more information about the charity, to register interest or to request a collection, visit