David Westgarth, Editor, BDJ Student

'New Year, new me, who dis?' The proclamation of those who wish to start a fresh heading into 2023, and in my case, a (very loose) mantra that I'm applying to BDJ Student. Let me explain.

figure 1

As we turn the page on the first year of publishing content online on a monthly basis, we've used it as an opportunity to assess what we've done well, what we could be doing better, and what we're going to do moving forwards. And here's where you come in.

As we say goodbye to current student editor, Nicka Kafil, we're once again looking for our next BDJ Student student editor to come in and make a difference. Both Nicka and her predecessor Sophia were victims of circumstance - the pandemic forced events to cease, and upon their resumption become webinars. The world is in a different place now, and as events, conferences and exhibitions return, we're looking for someone to pass on their opinions of what they see in the qualified world. There could well be opportunities to attend press conferences, events and exhibitions on behalf of BDJ Student, not to mention an article every semester, reaching out to dental students about a topic that matters to you. You'll find all the details of how to apply in the Upfront section.

If you're not the chosen one, fear not, as we're looking to revamp our reader panel, too. You'll get to feed in article ideas, comment on articles we're writing across the portfolio and have regular catch ups to discuss issues that matter to the student body. It's your chance to get involved, so don't miss out!

We're also looking to get some competition going. From what I've read, the BDSA Sports Day is a highly competitive affair, and we want to bring some of that to BDJ Student. Keep an eye out for our 'battle of the dental schools' coming soon - if you like the sounds of this, get in touch and we'll get you involved.

Finally, a call to all you prospective and budding authors. We receive so many great articles sometimes I don't know where to start! Keep them coming. We're launching a new submission system where you'll be able to track your work, but if you have any ideas you'd like to pitch that you're not quite sure of, feel free to email me and discuss. It's always better to come to me with an idea you have rather than asking me for inspiration - BDJ Student is for dental students, by dental students after all!