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    David Metcalfe, Harveer Dev

    2018; Oxford University Press

    305 pages

    eISBN 9780192528346


    Now in its third edition, Oxford Assess and Progress: Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is the definitive guide for students preparing to sit the Situational Judgement Test. This authoritative book includes over 285 practice questions to help you maximise your SJT score. This guide demystifies the SJT, allowing you to achieve the best possible score and take control of the first stage of your career.

    This edition has been fully revised and updated in response to reader consultation, providing over 285 questions in five sections: Commitment to professionalism; Coping with pressure; Effective communication; Patient focus; Working effectively as part of a team. The authors have written high-quality feedback that clarifies the ranking of every answer option, not just the correct one. All the scenarios have been based on real experiences, informed by practitioners and students who have sat the SJT, to ensure that the questions closely mirror the content of the real examination. Two mock tests are included, which allow candidates to prepare for exam day and practice one of the biggest challenges in the exam - their timings.


    Carl F. Driscoll (Editor), William Glen Golden (Editor)

    2020; Wiley-Blackwell

    311 pages

    eISBN 9781119569572


    Illustrated with more than 800 photographs, this book presents step-by-step procedures for all techniques, materials, and methods associated with the use of complete dentures in dental practice. Written for dental students, dental general practitioners, and laboratory technicians, the book takes a practical approach to the complete denture patient.

    From the initial appointment and impressions to insertion and troubleshooting, all topics related to complete dentures are covered. 40 individual chapters take the reader from the diagnostic appointment and the making of impressions, to denture selection, manufacture, insertion and troubleshooting. The hundreds of high-quality colour photographs in the book, along with access to a companion website offering 12 video clips, enhance the reader's understanding and make this ebook a valuable resource.


    George Laskaris

    2019; Thieme

    436 pages

    eISBN 9783132417885


    Laskaris' Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases is a practical interdisciplinary pocket reference for dentists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, primary care practitioners, and dental and medical students. This ebook provides comprehensive guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of an exhaustive range of oral diseases. The fully revised and updated third edition includes over 40 new conditions.

    Highlights of this new edition include full coverage of both local and systemic oral diseases; a full description of each condition covering definition, aetiology, clinical features, lab tests, differential diagnosis, and treatment; 418 high-resolution colour photographs, many of which are new for this edition. Taking a visual approach, the juxtaposition of text and colour images is ideally suited for the presentation of the disease entities. As an aid to diagnosis, the author has classified the diseases according to three main criteria - morphology of the lesions, colour of the lesions, and anatomical region.


    Donald Maxwell Brunette

    2020; Quintessence

    419 pages

    eISBN 9780867159882


    The third edition of this classic textbook has been revised based on developments in biomedical research practices over the past decade to provide readers with the most up-to-date resource for navigating the ever-expanding world of dental literature.

    This book - a roadmap to evidence-based dentistry - helps readers to practically apply critical thinking skills in the evaluation of scientific literature and enables them to make the most informed decisions for their patients and themselves. Dr Brunette has a readable style, vital when covering potentially dry topics such as rhetoric and logic, the scientific method, research strategies, probability and statistics, diagnostic tools and testing, and experiment design. Particularly useful is the updated chapter about searching the dental literature which introduces the reader to the most current resources and search techniques available. A new chapter about clinical decision-making shows how critical thinking skills can be used to select the most appropriate treatment decision, followed by a whole chapter of exercises in critical thinking.

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