New online training platform launched

    The first online learning platform for revising for Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) has been launched.

    was made by dentist William Maguire and includes a free exclusive online guide for preparing for your exam and a list of for recommended reading topics.


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    William said: 'More practice can help reduce your anxiety about the exam and make you feel more prepared. Remember your UKCAT (now UCAT) or driving theory practice tests? Well this resource is just like that, only it focuses on your Situational Judgement Test.

    'I sat multiple SJTs before obtaining Foundation Dental Training and Dental Core Training jobs. As a final year student, this would have been welcome.'

    You can purchase a question pack - either 30 ranking type questions or 30 best of 3 type questions for only £10 (66% discount) if you use the coupon BDJ2020" during the checkout process. Visit

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