David Westgarth, Editor, BDJ Student

Well, things are slightly different since my last editorial!

It goes without saying all of our attention has been on COVID-19 since March. The world is a very different place, and within it dentistry is unrecognisable. Dentists look like they're preparing for moon walks, treatment is limited to non-aerosol generated procedures (AGPs) and for dental students, the world you're entering or returning to will be vastly different.

With universities closed, I know fully well what readers have been up to: writing. Since the end of March, some 150 articles have been submitted to BDJ Student. Needless to say we've all been blown away by the creativity, the quality and the horizon-scanning of the contributions we've received.


The eagle-eyed readers will notice the issue doesn't have a whole host of articles relating to the pandemic. We received some very strong submissions early on in lockdown, and were there an issue of BDJ Student published then, there would have been many articles that would have been useful to dental students.

Fast forward four months and those high-quality articles have hopefully found new homes across the BDJ portfolio and other more suitable outlets. The pandemic and nature of the virus has and is moving so quickly it's almost impossible to publish articles that remain current and of values to readers at the time of writing, acceptance, production and publishing.

So that's the problem, but what's the solution? Well, from 1 September, we're delighted to offer authors the opportunity to publish their articles online only. This will still undergo the very same process as an article published in the magazine, with the notable exception of appearing in print. Not only does this give authors the valuable commodity of being current, it gives us the opportunity to develop things you have been asking us for - clinical 'how to' guides as well as detailed careers advice.

As we move through and (hopefully) out of the pandemic, I wish that you all continue to be safe and healthy. Enjoy the issue.

David Westgarth

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