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No more guesswork

When the x-ray film is inside the mouth it's difficult to know exactly where it is, especially when patients inadvertently move it with their tongue as they swallow. Dürr Dental's film holders remove the guesswork, so that the radiation hits the correct tooth, at the correct angle, hitting 100% of the film. No more retakes!


Moreover, these holders have been developed specifically for use with phosphor plates, so they won't cause damage, unlike traditional ones designed for use with film.

To facilitate use, the holders have been colour-coded, which saves time when assembling. They are also available to buy as individual components, so that if an element gets lost, or eventually becomes worn, then only that component needs to be ordered. This saves money and has environment benefits too.

Dürr's image plate holders can be used with any make of phosphor plate and will allow you to position the film exactly where you want it. They won't distort over time and offer the patient significantly improved radiation protection.

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