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The innovative new autoclave

Eschmann has recently launched its new Little Sister SES 3020B autoclave - a versatile option for professionals who want to keep at the very cutting-edge of infection control.

An innovatively designed system that can comfortably fit on a standard work surface, the new autoclave features a large, 23-litre capacity chamber and can process up to 6kg of instruments. Plus, due to its dedicated long instrument tray, it can process instruments up to 370mm in length.


The system boasts a number of features making it a must-have for the modern professional, including the ability to switch between 'N' type and 'B' type cycles to accommodate every type of load. Furthermore, inbuilt multiple processors guarantee the sterility of each cycle, keeping compliance at the forefront of your infection control process.

To find out more about the state-of-the-art Little Sister SES 3020B, contact the team at Eschmann.

For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of decontamination equipment and products from Eschmann, visit or call 01903 875787.

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