Fig. 1: Experimental conditions and time line. | Translational Psychiatry

Fig. 1: Experimental conditions and time line.

From: Back-translating behavioral intervention for autism spectrum disorders to mice with blunted reward restores social abilities

Fig. 1

a Oprm1+/+ and Oprm1−/− animals were randomly distributed across four experimental conditions: object interaction-reinforced (OI-R: food reward was offered to the animals after exposure to an unfamiliar object), social interaction-nonreinforced (SI-NR: exposure to an unfamiliar wild-type congener was not followed by food presentation), social interaction-reinforced (SI-R: social encounter was followed by the favorite food reinforcer–peanut butter or condensed milk) and no training control (NoT, animals were not manipulated between pre- and post-training behavioral assessments and did not received palatable food). b All animals undergone pre-training assays during postnatal (PN) week 6, then behavioral training for 3 weeks (except for the NoT condition) before post-training assessments on PN weeks 10 to 12. Half of the SI-NR and SI-R animals were retested for social interaction after cessation of training on PN weeks 17 and 34. Half of the OI-R, SI-NR, and SI-R animals were trained 3 more days and killed 45 min after the beginning of an ultimate social interaction session (no food reinforcement) for qRT-PCR study

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