Fig. 4: IGF-I and anxiety. | Translational Psychiatry

Fig. 4: IGF-I and anxiety.

From: Circulating insulin-like growth factor I modulates mood and is a biomarker of vulnerability to stress: from mouse to man

Fig. 4

a A significant correlation was seen between serum IGF-I levels and anxiety measured in the EPM (F (1,18) = 6.483; p = 0.0203; n = 20). b Proposed mechanisms mediating serum IGF-I effects on mood. Circulating IGF-I potentiates hippocampal neurogenesis and neurotrophic signaling, as already published27,39, while it also stimulates FKBP5 in brain, modulating in this way the activity of the brain glucocorticoid receptor that eventually impacts on mood homeostasis

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