Table 2 The proportion of significant outcomes for each set of Random Forest or MRM tests used to associate SOC parameters with community profiles (16S, ITS, GeoChip) from each depth

From: Tundra microbial community taxa and traits predict decomposition parameters of stable, old soil organic carbon

 MRMRandom Forest
SOC category
 Fast C0.
 Slow C0.
 Passive C0.
Estimated parameter
 Respiration rate0.
 Cumulative respiration0.
 Pool size000.110.440.220.89
 Decomposition rate0.1100.22000.22
  1. For, example, 2 MRM tests were significant of the 18 ran to relate16S community profiles from 3 depths to 6 fast SOC estimated parameters. Random Forest analyses were considered significant if the community profile could explain ≥30% of the variance of a given estimated SOC parameter. MRM tests were significant when P < 0.05. Correlations for individual SOC parameters are presented in detail in Table 3