Table S3 Linear Regressions of ISNCSCI Motor Score vs. Minutes within each MAP range during surgery.

From: Correction: Exploration of surgical blood pressure management and expected motor recovery in individuals with traumatic spinal cord injury

MAP Range (mm Hg)Equation95% CIGoodness of FitIs slope significantly non-zero?
SlopeY-interceptX-interceptR SquareSy.XFDFn, DfdP ValueDeviation from Zero?
50-69Y = -0.025*X + 11.8-0.074 to 0.0254.23 to 19.3193 to +infinity0.04513.41.071, 230.311Not Significant
70-94Y = 0.039*X - 0.6640.003 to 0.076-11.1 to 9.74-265 to 1680.18112.45.081, 230.034Significant
95-104Y = -0.013*X + 9.99-0.112 to 0.0861.86 to 18.1122 to +infinity0.00313.70.0781, 230.782Not Significant