Table 3 Completely standardised estimates for the indirect and total effects of body structures and functions on the independence in performing activities of daily living for the structural models about anxiety, depression, optimism and self-esteem.

From: Examining the complexity of functioning in persons with spinal cord injury attending first rehabilitation in Switzerland using structural equation modelling

ICF concept and variableIndirect effects through:Total effects
Body functions
 Bowel function (Ref: yes)−0.008−0.003−0.011−0.008−0.373**
 Cardiovascular function (Ref: no)−0.005−0.016−0.016−0.008−0.076
 Pain (Ref: no)−0.011−0.025*−0.029*−0.022*−0.070
 Pulmonary function (Ref: no)−0.002−0.006−0.017−0.015−0.062
 Skin function (Ref: no)−0.003−0.007−0.005−0.001−0.267**
 Urinary function (Ref: no)−0.001−0.007−0.005−0.001−0.109**
Body structures
 Level of injury (Ref: tetraplegia)0.0110.0150.0210.0070.272**
 Severity of injury (Ref: complete)0.0020.0150.0180.0130.035
  1. The total effects are the same for all structural models.
  2. Ref reference response option of binary variables.
  3. *P  <  0.05; **P  <  0.01.