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Infectious disease consultation in children with S. aureus Bacteremia: does it improve patient outcomes and quality of care?

Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia is a serious invasive infection associated with significant mortality and morbidity. Quality-of-care indicators (QCIs) that focus on diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment have been formulated in adults and infectious disease consultation improved adherence to these QCIs and improved clinical outcomes. No such quality of care indicators have been established in children with S. aureus bacteremia. In this issue of Pediatric Research, Whittington et al. report their investigation of the impact of pediatric infectious disease consultation on adherence to six established QCIs (adapted from adult QCIs) and treatment failure in children with S. aureus bacteremia. ID consultation was associated with increased fulfillment of all 6 QCIs and, the composite outcome of treatment failure was significantly lower in patients receiving ID consultation compared to those without (31 vs. 46%). Current evidence supports the recommendation that an ID consultation should be considered for all children with S. aureus bacteremia.

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