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Reducing infant mortality: maternal health is infant health

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Fig. 1: Adoption of Medicaid expansion by state, maternal mortality, and infant mortality in the United States, 2020.


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No external funding was used for this manuscript.

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K.H.S. and L.K.L. conceived the study. K.H.S. and K.J.B. acquired and analyzed the data. K.H.S., K.J.B, and L.K.L. interpreted the data. K.H.S. drafted the article. K.J.B. and L.K.L. critically revised it for important intellectual content. All authors approve of this version.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Lois K. Lee.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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No patient consent was required for this article.

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Shanahan, K.H., Burdick, K.J., Lee, L.K. et al. Reducing infant mortality: maternal health is infant health. Pediatr Res (2022).

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