Table 1 Recommendations to improve healthcare access for individuals with ASD.

From: Tackling healthcare access barriers for individuals with autism from diagnosis to adulthood

Six ways to improve healthcare access for individuals with ASD:
1. Systematically identify healthcare needs and barriers to healthcare access encountered by subpopulations, particularly underserved populations, to inform the development of tailored solutions.
2. Develop programs in medical and healthcare professional curricula to increase physician knowledge of the standard of care for autistic individuals.
3. Continue to develop programs that foster public awareness of ASD to optimize early screening and diagnosis and facilitate access to healthcare for people with ASD.
4. Continue to promote genetic screening following ASD diagnosis and invest in identification/validation of autism subtypes defined by scalable and cost-effective biomarkers.
5. Understand specific healthcare needs of individuals with ASD in LRCs and develop programs to increase capacity for early diagnosis and healthcare for ASD.
6. Conduct longitudinal studies in diverse populations and geographies to understand the long-term health, social, and economic impacts of increasing access to healthcare across the lifespan.
  1. ASD autism spectrum disorder, LRCs lower resource countries.