Table 2 As any aerosol-generating procedure (AGP) (specifically intubation) has to be considered a high-risk procedure, given the likelihood of aerosol spread from the patient. The panel provides the following recommendations for airway management and other AGP.

From: European consensus recommendations for neonatal and paediatric retrievals of positive or suspected COVID-19 patients

Airway management and other AGP
• Strict adherence to PPE.
• Consider early intubation (i.e SF ratio < 221) to avoid crash intubation.
• To minimize the risk of aerosol spread during NIV have a low threshold for intubation.
• Consider using cuffed endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes, including for newborn infants (whenever possible), to avoid aerosol spread by air leak (strong recommendation).
• Most experienced person handles the airway.
• Use video-laryngoscopy whenever possible (strong recommendation).
• Perform Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI).
• Reduce the amount of hand-bagging as much as possible. If needed, small tidal volumes should be used.
• Avoid open suctioning after intubation; use closed suction circuits instead.
• Any chest-drain equipment has to be either a closed circuit without contact to ambient air or equipped with an HEPA filter.
• Discharge all not-for-single-use airway management equipment in plastic bags for decontamination.
  1. PPE personal protection equipment, HEPA high-efficiency particulate air.