Global Pediatric Research Investigator: Dr. Alameldin Mohamed Abdallah

I was born and raised in Assiut City in Upper Egypt and attended primary, secondary and high school in Assiut City. After finishing high school with a strong academic performance, I joined the faculty of medicine at Assiut University. I graduated from Assiut University with very good grades and completed my pediatric residency at Assiut University Hospital, where I received a fellowship to be a lecturer of pediatrics in 2009. Then, I became an assistant professor of pediatrics at Assiut University Children’s Hospital in 2014, and now I am working in Saudi Arabia as an associate professor in pediatrics at Sulaiman Alrajhi University. Since my childhood, I dreamt of becoming a doctor to help others recover from illnesses, but the decision to be a pediatrician began during my internship in the pediatric department. I discovered that delicate, powerless children are suffering to a great extent from different diseases, and I decided to be a pediatrician to help reduce their suffering, and return smiles to their faces and those of their family members.

The great pediatric professor Moustafa Elsaaied, who is a very good example of how pediatricians should act, made my decision to be a pediatrician an easy one.

The main challenges researchers are facing in Egypt are the lack of sufficient financial support by the government.

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