Correction to: Oncogene, published online 23 October 2017

Following publication of this article the following two errors were noted.

Overlap between Fig. 1d (panel CN) and Fig. 6b (panel CN). Fig. 1d (panel CN) and Fig. 6b (panel CN) were part of the same experiment with the same control data. Fig. 1d (panel CN and CT) and Fig. 6b (panel CN and CT) are from the same patient. When preparing figures for publication, the same negative control was used for both figures. To avoid misunderstanding, the negative control image in Fig. 6b (panel CN and CT) has been replaced with images from an alternative patient.

Duplication of the representative image of TE7 cell apoptosis in Fig. 4c (TE7 panel shCXCR7+IL6) and TE7 cell apoptosis in Fig. 2b (panel DDP+IL6). When preparing figures for publication an inadvertent error was made. The correct image for Fig. 4c (TE7 panel shCXCR7+IL6) is included below.

Correct Fig. 4c

Correct Fig. 6b

The results and conclusions of this article are not affected by these modifications. The authors apologise for any inconvenience caused by the errors.