Editorial Expression of Concern to: Oncogene https://doi.org/10.1038/sj.onc.1207153, published online 23 October 2003

The Editors would like to alert the readers that concerns have been raised regarding the data presented in this article. Specifically:

  • Fig. 1b Actin (flipped horizontally) and Fig. 2a PRK bands appear to share a number of background features, as well as similar band shapes;

  • Fig. 2a and b appear to have breaks in the western blot backgrounds.

The authors have stated that the images in Figs. 1b and 2a are similar, but not identical, and attributed the background inconsistencies in Fig. 2 to loss of image quality during figure processing.

As the raw data for this article are no longer available due to the age of the study, readers are advised to interpret the presented results with caution.

Maria Dollhopf (formerly Maria Törnkvist), Gunnar Nilsson, Bálint Nagy, Sakari Knuutila and Olle Larsson agree to this Editorial Expression of Concern. Yuntao Xie and Leonard Girnita have not responded to any correspondence from the editor or publisher about this Editorial Expression of Concern. The Publisher has not been able to obtain a current email address for Yan Aalto.

The original article can be found online at https://www.nature.com/articles/1207153.