Correction to: Oncogene, published online 07 May 2002

Following the publication of this article, it was noted that an incorrect beta-actin PCR gel image was presented in Fig. 1c. The corrected figure is shown below. This change does not affect the results and conclusions of this paper.

Fig. 1C Analysis of the expression of the HMGA2 transgene by RT-PCR. Lanes 1-6: RNA extracted from different tissues of a HMGA2 transgenic mouse; lanes 7 and 8: RNA extracted from a pool of pituitary glands and a spleen of control mice. White space between lanes 7 and 8 delineates the boundary between not contiguous lanes of the same gel.

In addition, the following Fig. S1 is provided as supplementary material in support of the results published in Fig. 1B.

Figure S1. Genotype analysis by Southern blot for the detection of the CMV/HMGA2 integrated transgene. DNA samples were from the HMGA2 transgenic mouse line 2. Wt, wild-type mouse (lanes 1, 3, 5); Tg, transgenic mouse (lanes 2, 4, 6); C-, wild-type control (negative control, lane 7); C+, transgenic control (positive control, lane 8).