Correction to: Oncogene

Following the publication of this article, the authors became aware of errors in Fig. 2.

In Fig. 2b, left panels, the order of the column names have been reversed. Correct order is Combined, PLA, Actin and DAPI. A corrected Fig. 2b, left panels, is provided below.

In Fig. 2d, left panels, there is a visible splice mark between Histone 3 western blot lanes 1 and 2; “sip150Glued” and “siCtrl”. There is an additional lane in both nucleus and membrane fractions. During the experiment we tried three different siRNA concentration to achieve the optimal knock-down of total p150Glued. We chose “concentration number 2” and hence the western blot was spliced. Original image of the blot is provided below, showing arrows to point out corresponding IGF-1R and Histone 3 lanes in the published paper.

In Fig. 2d, far right and bottom panels, showing total cell lysate of H1299 cells transfected with mCherry-dynamitin, there are concerns regarding the similarity between Dynamitin (endogenous) and GAPDH bands. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate the original source of the image. The important data of interest in this experiment are showing that the transfection was successful (mCherry-dynamitin) with equal amounts of loading control (GAPDH). In Fig. 3c of this article, a similar experiment was conducted in the same cell type, i.e., overexpressing mCherry-dynamitin in H1299 cells, where it is confirmed that the H1299 has indeed endogenous levels of dynamitin and equal protein levels between transfected and mock control cells as confirmed by the loading control GAPDH. Furthermore, below is an image of previously unpublished raw data, proving the existence of endogenous dynamitin in H1299 cells.

The results and conclusions of this article are not affected by this correction. The authors apologize to the readers for any inconvenience caused.