Table 1 Patient and tumor characteristics

From: High-risk blastemal Wilms tumor can be modeled by 3D spheroid cultures in vitro

Age (months)2333425010
Response to preoperative chemotherapyGood (80% volume reduction)Good (70% volume reduction)Good (70% volume reduction)ProgressProgress
Tumor typeRegressive (vital part: blastema)TriphasicBlastemalEpithelial, with diffuse anaplasiaStromal
Outcome/event free survival (EFS)>3.5 years EFS>1 year EFS>9 months EFS>4 years EFSLung metastasis at 1 year, >3 years EFS
Histology of starting materialBlastemal xenograftBlastemal with few stromal elementsBlastemal with few stromal elementsEpithelialStromal lung metastasis
  1. aReported as WT046 in [7]