Table 1 Responsiveness of MLL-r and MLL-wt leukemia cells to CCI-006

From: A novel small molecule that kills a subset of MLL-rearranged leukemia cells by inducing mitochondrial dysfunction

Cell line Translocation Disease % Viability1 Responsiveness to CCI-006
MLL-r ALL PER-485 t(4;11) Infant ALL 0 Sensitive
PER-490 t(4;11) Infant ALL 0 Sensitive
PER-785A t(4;11) Infant ALL 103 Unresponsive
RS4;11 t(4;11) Pre-B-cell ALL 114 Unresponsive
SEMK-2 t(4;11) Childhood pre-B-cell ALL 100 Unresponsive
PER-703A t(1;11) Infant ALL 70 Sensitive
PER-826A t(11;19) Infant ALL 81 Sensitive
KOPN-8 t(11;19) Infant ALL 96 Unresponsive
AML MV4;11 t(4;11) Childhood AML 69 Sensitive
MOLM13 t(9;11) AML 0 Sensitive
THP-1 t(9;11) Infant AML 17 Sensitive
MLL-wt ALL Loucy SET-NUP214 ALL 103 Unresponsive
CEM   T-cell ALL 92 Unresponsive
REH   Pre-B-cell ALL 117 Unresponsive
AML U937 CALM-AF10 AML 3 Sensitive
KP-MO-TS CALM-AF10 AML 60 Sensitive
KG-1   AML 91 Unresponsive
Kasumi-1 AML-ETO AML 100 Unresponsive
  1. 1Mean % viability as determined by resazurin reduction assay after 72 h treatment with 10 μM CCI-006, compared to vehicle-treated cells (n = 3)