Table 1 Examples of diversity- and inclusivity-enhancing efforts by ACNP.

From: Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP): advances, challenges, and opportunities to accelerate progress

Inclusion- and diversity-enhancing efforts by ACNP in general include:
• Core value added to Website under “About Us”: “Commitment to Diversity: The College and its members actively promote diversity and inclusion within the College and within our field not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, intellectual perspectives and points of view.”
• Included objectives and goals related to inclusion and diversity in 2019 strategic plan.
• Collaborating task forces: diversity & inclusion (renamed from “Minority” in 2019), Latin American, Membership Advisory, and Women’s, which share ideas with various ACNP committees including Membership, Education and Training, the Strategic Planning Program, and the ACNP Council.
• Underrepresented minority (URM) resources on ACNP website @
• Strong vocal support by ACNP presidents in communications to the membership and at meetings.
Efforts to foster inclusivity and diversity at the annual meeting include:
• Encouragement of submissions relevant to “improving diversity in the field of psychiatric neuroscience” in annual meeting program Call for Proposals.
• Explicit panel submission guideline statement: “Panel participants should include women, underrepresented minority (including LGBTQ+), and/or early career scientists/clinicians. A strong justification is required for proposals in which participant diversity is not included.”
• Networking events and luncheons.
• Diversity meeting events list emailed to members monthly premeeting and announced daily during meeting by email, Twitter, and Annual Meeting app.
• Travel awards for 2019 annual meeting: 62 total awards were equally divided by gender (male/female). Nineteen awardees (31%) self-identified as non-White (3 African American, 7 Asian, 9 Hispanic), and 43 as White.
• Mentoring program for all travel awardees.
• Encouragement of members to visit travel awardee posters.
• Mother’s room for nursing mothers and daily childcare are available for all meeting attendees, and provided without charge for current travel awardees, URM Past Travel Awardees, and Associate Members.
• Diversity pins including rainbow pins and “My preferred Pronouns are: “she-her,” “they-them,” “he-him,” “Pride,” and blank” for self-fill-in.
• All URM travel award applications are reviewed by chairs of the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.
• Supplemental funding and meeting mentors provided to eligible URM Past Travel Awardees for 2 years post Award year. Also includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, $50 per day meal stipend, waived registration fee, $80 per day childcare, and opportunity to present a poster.