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Dystrophic neurites labelled by pre-autophagosomal proteins in Alzheimer’s brains

Fig. 1

The accumulation of autophagy and endosomal proteins in DNs. Fixed sections of a 5xFAD mouse (4 months old) brain were co-stained with antibodies against ß-amyloid plaque (6E10) and antibodies against autophagy proteins (ATG9A, LC3, ATG5, and p62) or endosomal proteins (RAB5 and RAB7). DNs were specifically stained with the antibodies against an early autophagy protein, ATG9A, an autophagy vesicle membrane protein, LC3, and a late endosomal protein, RAB7. Other autophagosome-related proteins, such as ATG5 and p62, or early endosomal protein RAB5 were excluded in DN formation in the 5xFAD mice model. For more information, please refer to the article by Sharoar et al. on pages 1369−1382

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Sharoar, M.G., Hu, X., Ma, XM. et al. Dystrophic neurites labelled by pre-autophagosomal proteins in Alzheimer’s brains. Mol Psychiatry 24, 1247 (2019).

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