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Quantification of brain cholinergic denervation in dementia with Lewy bodies using PET imaging with [18F]-FEOBV

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  1. 1.

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The study was supported by NIH grants P01 NS015655, RO1 NS070856, P50 NS091856, and R21 NS088302. We are indebted to the subjects who participated in this study. Robert Koeppe has received grant support from the NIH. Roger Albin has received grant support from the NIH and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Kirk Frey has received research support from the NIH, GE Healthcare, and AVID Radiopharmaceuticals (Eli Lilly subsidiary). Martijn Muller has received research support from the NIH, Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Department of Veteran Affairs and Axovant Sciences. Nicolaas Bohnen has received research support from the NIH, Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Department of Veteran Affairs and Axovant Sciences. Dr. Nejad-Davarani reports no sources of funding.

Authors contributions

S.N.D. and N.I.B. were responsible for drafting the text and statistical analysis. R.A.K. was responsible for the time-activity activity curve analysis, kinetic analysis and drafting of figures. K.A.F. was responsible for conception and design of the study K.A.F., R.L.A., M.L.T.M.M., and N.I.B. were responsible for acquisition of data.

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Nicolaas I. Bohnen.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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