Fig. 9: Applications in optical chirality. | Light: Science & Applications

Fig. 9: Applications in optical chirality.

From: Kirigami/origami: unfolding the new regime of advanced 3D microfabrication/nanofabrication with “folding”

Fig. 9

a SEM images of 2D and 3D left-handed (LH) pinwheel arrays28. b Measured CD spectra for 2D LH, 3D LH, and 3D right-handed (RH) pinwheels28. c Polar plot of experimental transmission versus detection polarization angle under x-polarized incidence for the 2D and 3D LH pinwheels at different wavelengths28. d SEM image of a linear grating with LH and RH pinwheels fabricated alternately29. e Schematic of the diffraction properties of the linear grating29. f CCD camera images of the transmitted light spots at the wavelengths noted under detection with non-polarization (np), x-polarization (xp), and y-polarization (yp)29. g SEM image of six-arm pinwheels arranged in a hexagonal lattice108. h Measured LCP and RCP transmission spectra of three-arm pinwheels arranged in a hexagonal lattice and corresponding CD spectrum108. i SEM image of a 3D chiral fractal metasurface and j its LCP and RCP transmission spectra109. Scale bars: 1 μm. i, j Reprinted from ref. 109 with permission from Wiley

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