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Fig. 8: Optical applications.

From: Kirigami/origami: unfolding the new regime of advanced 3D microfabrication/nanofabrication with “folding”

Fig. 8

a, b Broadband and enhanced responsivity of 3D tubular QWIPs54. c Single-particle Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) reflection measurement of a cubic structure with double optically active SRRs patterned on all faces41. df Fano resonances of surface plasmons in the mid-infrared region106. g Giant bisignate circular dichroism of a fabricated DPMM84. h, i Toroidal excitation in folded 3D metamaterials107. j Experimental transmission spectra of chiral folded metasurfaces under the illumination of different circularly polarized waves78. Scale bars: d, g 2 µm and e 1 µm. Images reprinted with permission from: a, b ref. 54 from AAAS; c ref. 41, h, i ref. 107 from Wiley; j ref. 78 from ACS

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