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Fig. 7: Potential biological applications.

From: Kirigami/origami: unfolding the new regime of advanced 3D microfabrication/nanofabrication with “folding”

Fig. 7

a Self-loading of microcontainers filled with an aqueous suspension of glass beads36. b Self-folded microcontainers with structured nanopores on the walls42. c Self-rolled-up functionalized microtube device for single-cell studies53. d Chemical sensing of solvents with different polarities100. e μ-Grippers covering the colon surface to sample biological tissue101. f Optical and fluorescent images of a detached theragripper tightly gripping a clump of cells102. g Red blood cells captured by the self-folding of single-cell grippers103. h Self-propelled nanotools moved by bubble propulsion104. i Sperm-flagella-driven micro-bio-robot105. Images reprinted with permission from: a ref. 36 from RSC; b ref. 42, e ref. 101 from Elsevier; c ref. 53, d ref. 100, g ref. 103, h ref. 104 from ACS; f ref. 102, i ref. 105 from Wiley

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