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Fig. 3: Sample W2.

From: Edge-emitting polariton laser and amplifier based on a ZnO waveguide

Fig. 3

a Real space emission at 5K. The intensity (I) of the two lateral regions is magnified by 100. b Emission spectra from the pump region and from the cracks labeled “a”, “b”, and “c” in Fig. 3a. d is the distance between the crack and the center of the excitation spot. c Emission of the crack “b” vs. pumping power, showing the emergence of the Fabry-Perot modes of the horizontal cavity together with the onset of lasing (power dependence is shown in Supplemental Material). The inset shows the threshold values vs. the cavity size for two different pump diameters. d Far-field image zoomed in onto the fringes resulting from the interference of the emission from two distant cracks, demonstrating their mutual coherence

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